Parish Church Charities

Parish Church Charities

Anglican Charities in Wilton Parish

Wilton Educational Charity

Provides grants to individuals/organisations “promoting the educations of persons under the age of 25 and living in the area of benefit.”


Grove’s Educational Foundation (Netherhampton)

Provides grants to individuals – resident in Netherhampton – aged 25 or under for educational purposes.
Maintains the Village School buildings (currently Manor Farm Nursery).


Wilton Middle School Educational Trust

Provides grants to organisations promoting the education of persons in financial hardship in the area of benefit in accordance with the principles of the Church of England.


St. John’s Priory

Provides sheltered housing for older people with resident warden. Weekly Chapel service and social events.


Wilton United Charities (St. Giles’ Hospital)

Maintains six one bedroom flats for persons in need who have resided in Wilton for not less than two years before appointment.

The Parish Office, West Street, Wilton SP2 0DL

Tel: 01722 742393 / 01722 742571