Naish Felts and Wallgate

Naish Felts and Wallgate

Wallgate Ltd. was founded by E. V. Naish Ltd., who can trace their roots back to 1800 in the textile trade in Wilton.

The factory moved into felt production in the mid 19th century producing high quality piano felts and later surgical felt. In the 20th century the range extended to insoles, engineering felts, polishing felts, window channeling felts and packaging felt. The E. V. in the company’s name comes from Elizabeth Vawdrey Naish, widow of William Naish, who died in 1882. She controlled the business until her death in 1901.

From the mid 20th century the firm modernised and continued to expand. In 1975 a special company – C. and A. Wallgate Ltd. (the name of a dormant supply company) – was formed to develope the idea of heating water by electricity directly from the cold. From this emerged the Wallgate Handwash unit which soon became popular, especially with local authorities. The company expanded rapidly and in 1985 a 5,000 square feet factory was built to cope with this. An after sales service had been established and there was diversification into retailing and fast food outlets.

In the late 1990s many new products were created including moulded supermarket checkouts, drinking fountains, electronic sinks, electronic showers and a new solid surface WC pan for prisons.


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8 January 2015